A central place for managing internal and external product communication for your product, project or team.


The Product Hub contains one or many Spaces. Spaces typically represent products, teams, projects or even a group of customers. Think of a space as your dedicated area to curate and tailor your product communication to a particular audience.


Each Space contains the following features:

The Changelog and Roadmap help teams communicate updates as well as future plans.

Communication happens through the Space's Portal, or additional communication channels such as Confluence, or Slack.

How do Spaces compare to Jira projects?

Spaces give teams more flexibility to organise their work the way it suits them best, and still communicate holistically.

For example, a product might be broken down into 3 teams, each working in their own project. A Space enables you to connect to all 3 projects and create a single Changelog to communicate updates across all projects.

Additionally, each team can have their own Space to communicate progress internally via their team's Changelog.

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