Roadmaps (private beta)

Communicate high level plans with your stakeholders and customers.


Create internal or customer facing roadmaps, straight from your Jira issues. Expose as many or as few fields, and create a custom description that best describes your plans. Since all the data is stored on the issue, your roadmap will always be up to date.


To use the roadmaps feature in your Jira instance, please install the Released app.


Enabling roadmaps

While in private beta, Roadmaps are being rolled out progressively to customers on the waitlist.

Once your spot becomes available, an email containing a link to activate roadmaps for your instance will be sent to you. Simply switch on the feature, and it will become available across all your spaces.

Creating a roadmap view

Creating a roadmap view only takes a couple of minutes.

  1. Select Roadmap in the sidebar navigation and click on the "Create roadmap" button.

  2. Select the projects you want to source issues from.

  3. Create your preferred column layout and map the roadmap states to the columns.

  4. Click Create.

Beta limitation

  • Only Jira Product Discovery projects are supported right now.

  • You must have a custom status called "Roadmap" of type Select field. This status is automatically created when you create a project with the "Product discovery" template, but will not exist in a "Blank project".

Please see the Jira Product Discovery documentation on how to create a custom field.


Beta limitation

The roadmap can only be published to the page embed view at this stage.

To publish your roadmap, click the Publish button located in the top right corner. This action will publish the roadmap in its current state.

Currently, the following fields are displayed:

  • Summary - the title of the idea

  • Public description - an internal field that can be edited inline on the roadmap

  • Status - the column status

Support for more fields will be added throughout the beta period.

Once a roadmap has been published, a switch will appear on the page embed. Allowing you to navigate between the Changelog and the Roadmap.


To unpublish the roadmap view, simply press the unpublish icon right next to the publish button. Your roadmap will be immediately unavailable on the page embed.

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