Roadmaps (beta)

Communicate high level plans with your stakeholders and customers.


Create internal or customer-facing roadmap views directly from your Jira issues. Customize the view by selecting the fields to display and adding detailed descriptions of your plans. Since the data is stored on the issue, your view will always be up to date.


Use Roadmap views to communicate plans to customers or stakeholders. Released roadmaps are highly flexible and can work across projects, enabling you to consolidate work from various teams as needed.

Released roadmaps are perfect for:

  • Public roadmaps

  • High touch customer communication

  • Stakeholder updates


Linked projects

Roadmap views can display issues from multiple Jira projects. To include issues from a specific project on your roadmap, simply add that project to the linked projects within the space.


Use filters to refine the issues displayed on the roadmap. You can apply basic filters such as issue type or labels, or utilize JQL for more advanced filtering options.

Column mapping

Map issues to columns on the roadmap based on their status or field options. This can include criteria such as teams, quarters, priority, and more.

To customize the column mapping:

  1. Select Display options.

  2. Click Edit columns.

  3. Select the field you want to map for each project.

  4. Map your field options by dragging them to the corresponding column.

Field configuration

Released roadmaps support a variety of custom field types that can be displayed on the card or in the detail view.

To add a field to the view, click the + icon next to the field names in the Available Fields section. By default, the field will appear on both the compact card on the board and the detailed (dialog) view. Use the checkboxes to show or hide fields in each respective view.


The issue Summary field will be used as the default title. The title field is always displayed on both the board and the detailed view and cannot be unchecked. To change the title field, click the T icon next to any compatible text field.

Public description

The public description is a special system field that can only be edited within a Released board. It leverages the same rich-text editor as the changelog, allowing you to easily embed images and videos (like Youtube and Loom). In the board view, the public description is automatically truncated. To display an alternative description, you can hide the public description field and show a short text field instead.

Field ordering

You can adjust the order in which fields are displayed on the card and in the detail view by dragging and dropping the fields in the list. Note that the order of the title and description field can not be changed.

Available field types

  • Status

  • Labels

  • Date / Time-date

  • Select

  • Multi-select

  • Issue type

  • Checkboxes

  • Radio Buttons

Editing the public description

The public description is a Released system field that can not be changed.

Click on a card within a Released roadmap view to edit the public description inline. Add text, images or videos to the description. See the Editor documentation for details.

Editing issue details

Fields other than the public description can be edited on the full issue view.

To open the issue view:

  • Click on the issue key lozenge when hovering over a card, or

  • Click on Edit issue from the card detail view.


To publish your roadmap, click the "Publish" button in the top right corner.

Once a roadmap has been published, a switch will appear on the page embed. Allowing you to navigate between the Changelog and the Roadmap.


To unpublish the roadmap view, simply press the unpublish icon right next to the publish button. Your roadmap will be immediately unavailable on the page embed.

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