Create output in other languages


The AI models are optimized for use in English, but many of them are robust enough to generate good results for a variety of languages. We have seen good results in the following languages:

  • Chinese (zh-Hans)

  • Chinese (zh-TW)

  • French (fr-FR)

  • German (de-DE)

  • Italian (it-IT)

  • Japanese (ja-JP)

  • Portuguese (pt-BR)

  • Russian (ru-RU)

  • Spanish (es-ES)

Please note that depending on the complexity of the prompt and the input, the quality of results may vary and it is possible that the language model falls back to English.


Configuring another language

  1. Access AI settings Navigate to the Settings menu in your space

  2. Select artificial intelligence

    Within the settings, find the option for Artificial Intelligence.

  3. Choose custom prompt

    Look for the Base prompt settings and choose Custom.

  4. Modify Prompt to output text in another language Add instructions to output text in another language (e.g. Japanese). You can adjust not only the language but also the style and other parameters.

  5. Generate a description The output when generating a release description will now appear in the selected language.

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