Aura / Karma for Confluence

Add Release Notes to Confluence with Aura and Karma

Aura is the top rated formatting app that allows users to create visually appealing and engaging content in Confluence with a suite of intuitive macros, highlighting important content, providing intuitive navigation, and enhancing readability.

Additionally, Aura offers a free expansion called Karma, which is a simple WYSIWYG page builder that enables users to create engaging Confluence pages quickly using various templates.

Integrating Released with Aura / Karma

Released is supported natively through Aura Embed, making it a breeze to display your announcement page in Confluence. Set-up takes less than 60 seconds.


1. Create page with Aura macro

  • Create a Confluence page where you want your release notes to show up.

  • Add the "Aura - Embed" macro to the page.

2. Select Released

  • In the "Type" dropdown, select Released within the "Collaboration" section.

3. Enter the Channel ID

  • Enter the Channel ID into the "Released URL" field - your release notes should render in the preview on the right once entered.

  • Press "Save"

4. Publish the page

  • Click "Publish" in the top-right to publish the Confluence page.

Congratulations, you're done 🎉

New posts published to the Announcement Page channel in Released will now automatically appear in Confluence.

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