Easily and efficiently share updates with stakeholders and customers.


A Changelog is a document that contains a curated, chronologically ordered list of notable changes for each version of a project or product. Changelogs are used to communicate updates with internal stakeholders or customers.

Released Changelogs make it easy to craft updates. Curate a list of issues related to a release in just a couple of clicks. Then let the AI copywriter transform your issue descriptions into a language that your target audience understands.


Use the Changelog to communicate detail technical changes or high level marketing updates. What you want to communicate and how you communicate will determine the format and frequency.

Some teams write multiple posts a day, each containing a single improvement. Other teams write a post once a week, summarising all improvements and bug-fixes in one Post.

The Changelog is often used for:

  • Internal sprint summaries

  • Technical changelogs

  • Release notes

  • Marketing updates

  • Announcements

  • And many more...

You can use filters to only includes issues that are relevant and customize the AI settings to tailor the prompt to your use-case.

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