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Space name

Customize the name of your Space. Make sure the name is descriptive and clearly identifies what updates you are aiming to communicate. This name is only used internally and doesn't show on the portal or embedded pages or widgets.

Linked projects

Spaces are tightly interwoven with Projects. For that reason, each Space must have at least one linked project, but can also be linked to multiple projects.

But linked projects provide more than a simple link to projects. They determine:

  • Access rights to the Space, if restricted (see below)

  • Default projects used for filters

  • Which projects the Space's changelog will be displayed in

If a project administrator does not have view permission for a previously added project, the project name will be obfuscated.


A Space can be either:

  • Open, everyone with access to the Jira site can view and edit content in the Space.

  • Restricted, only users with access to the linked Jira project(s) can view and edit content in this space, depending on their level of access in the Jira project(s).

For more details on access and the required Jira permissions. See the Permissions guide.

Delete Space

Deleting this Space will move it to the trash. It will be permanently removed after 30 days.

Jira admins can restore or permanently delete a Space from the trash via the App settings:

  • Click on the global settings (⚙ in the Jira navigation bar) a click on Apps.

  • In the left navigation, find the Released section and click on Trash.

  • To restore a space, click the Restore icon.

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