Creating and Managing Posts


Whether you are writing an update for a single change, or a release summary for the past week. Creating a post is easy and fast with Released.


Creating a post

To create a new Post, click the Create post button in the top right corner of the Changelog page.

Next, select what issues you want to include in your post.

A post can include issues from one or multiple projects. If you want to add additional projects, you can configure them in the Changelog filter settings.

Available filters

Select which issues you want to include in the post.


Resolved since

Include issues resolved since a specific date.


Include issues with a specific version.


Include issues with a specific label.

Issue type

Include specific types of issues.

Jira Filter

Include issues that match a given Jira filter.

Click the Get started button to create a draft.

Updating a post

If you need to edit a post once published, you can easily update the post.

Simply click on Edit in on a post, make your changes and publish the post again.

If you published a post to the wrong channel, you can disable the channel when updating the post, and it will be retracted from that channel.

Deleting a post

You can delete a post from via the post editor.

  • Click to edit a post.

  • Click the Unpublish button in the top bar of the editor.

  • Once unpublished, click the Discard draft button in the top bar of the editor to completely delete the post.


When you create a new post or make edits to an existing one, a draft is automatically generated, ensuring that you can conveniently resume your work at a later time.

Editing a draft

To edit a previously created draft, navigate to the Changelog section in your Space. All current drafts can be found at the top of the overview page.

Click on a draft to start editing.

Drafts are only shown to users with edit permission in the linked project if access to the space is restricted. See permissions for details.

Saving a draft

Drafts are saved automatically as you type.

Deleting a draft

To delete a draft, click the Discard draft button in the top bar of the editor. Keep in mind that discarding a draft only deletes unpublished content.

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