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Reach your users where they are
When it comes to publishing a post, using multiple channels is key to keeping your users in the loop. By using an in-app widget or a release page, you can reach your users where they are and ensure they're always up-to-date with the latest changes.

Publishing a post

To publish your post, simply hit the Publish button located at the top right of the post editor.


If you have multiple channels set up, you have the choice to publish a post to all channels or to specific channels only.
Choose where to publish the post

In-App Widget

An in-app widget is perfect for users who are actively using your product. Users can quickly and easily see any relevant news while they use your product, without being bombarded with notifications or emails.

Announcement page

The release page provides a comprehensive overview of all the changes made in one place. Using a dedicated release page to showcase your latest product updates can help you build credibility and trust with your customers. By keeping a clear and organized history of your product releases, you show your users that you're constantly working to improve your product and that you take their feedback seriously.
Scenario: Announcing an upcoming conference. The in-app widget is the perfect channel for these types of temporary announcements. You can choose to publish this announcement to the in-app widget only without it appearing on the public release notes page.


Whether you want to share your post for review, publish it to your knowledge base through a third party app like Scroll Viewport or Refined, or give your go-to-market teams a heads up. Publishing to Confluence makes collaboration a breeze.
Specify to which space and page the posts will be published in the Confluence channel settings.


Specify how you want users to be notified of your post using the notification setting. The setting provides three options:


Publishes the post without notifying users. This option is perfect for publishing small improvements, that may not important enough to distract users from what they are doing.


Standard notifications incorporate a notification badge either onto the widget trigger or next to the link leading to the announcement page. This approach is ideal when you aim to inform users about new updates without overwhelming their attention.


This feature activates the widget as soon as users access your app or displays a prominent banner badge on the announcement page. Use this option when you want to communicate an important update.
If you posted with the wrong notification setting, just edit and update it with the correct one; the system will adjust for users not yet notified.