Filter and Staging Area

Use filters to curate the list of changes for your release


The panel on the right hand side of the post editing view is called the staging area.

The staging area makes it a breeze to review issues before they get added to the announcement. Issues are sorted by type, so you can easily spot new features, minor improvements, and bug fixes.



If you're unable to locate a particular feature that you were expecting to see in the release, don't fret. The filter functionality enables you to customize the display of issues in the staging area.

Available filters


Resolved since

Include issues resolved since a specific date.


Include issues with a specific version.


Include issues with a specific label.

Issue type

Include specific types of issues.

Jira Filter

Include issues that match a given Jira filter.

Adding issues to a post

To add an issue to the announcement, simply drag and drop the issue from the staging area into the editor. By default, the summary and the description of the issue will be added.

Drag an issue onto a designated block, indicated by the caret, and the inserted text will adopt the block's formatting. For instance, if you drag an issue onto a bullet point block, the issue details will be added as a bullet point.

Adding multiple issues

Inserting individual issues can be a tedious task, especially for large releases. Fortunately, you have the option to select and insert multiple issues simultaneously.

To select multiple issues either:

  • Press Cmd/Ctrl and click on multiple issues.

  • Click to select the first issue. Then press Shift and click the last issue. This will select the first issue, the last issue, and all issues in between.

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