Data Sub-Processors

Released uses the third party entities below (each, a “sub-processor”) to process personal data (i) on behalf of Released customers and in accordance with contract terms between Released and the sub-processor to uphold Released's commitments in Data Processing Addendum.

SubprocessorDescriptionPrivacy Statement

Atlassian Corporation

We use Jira Service Management from Atlassian for the creation, tracking and administration of support tickets, Jira Software Cloud for tracking software development and task management, and Atlassian Confluence Cloud for the internal documentation of customer use cases.

We use to run our service.

We use Segment to collect data on how our apps are used.


We primarily use Amazon's S3 Storage to host images and files that are part of the release notes.


We use Sentry to detect code errors and crashes.


We use Cloudflare for image optimization, DNS management, DDoS protection, and other internet infrastructure services.


We use OpenAI for the creation of AI generated feature descriptions.

We use for product analytics.


We use BetterStack for log management


We use Supabase to store drafts and release notes

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